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Need help starting your own home practice?

Many of our students tell us that they don’t know where to start in developing a home practice. A led practice is a great opportunity to help you gain the skills for establishing your own practice. In this class, the names of poses will be called out and students will follow along, learning to refine focus and capacity for observation, integration and concentration. Susan Lamberson will teach this Led Practice on Tuesday mornings 10-11:30am.

We will also provide Open Practice time in the studio on Fridays from 7-9am for students to further engage in their own self-study.

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Just finished our Beginners Series?

If you’ve just graduated from our 6-week Beginners Series, we have lots of ongoing weekly classes that would be great for continuing your practice:

  • Mondays at 9am with Jenn or 6pm with James
  • Wednesdays at 8:30am or 7pm with Jenn
  • Thursdays at 6pm with Don
  • Saturdays at 9am with James
  • Sundays at 10am with alternating instructors
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Friday morning class cancelled for the summer starting 7/5

James’s 10am Friday class will be cancelled during July and August. Class will start back up again on Friday, Sept. 6th. Enjoy your summer!

Fundamentals of Asana

Our Fundamentals of Asana class is for those new to Iyengar Yoga or for anyone needing a refresher. Classes are held Mondays at 9am with Jenn Tigli. This is an ongoing class and students can attend at any time.

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$50 for 3 weeks of unlimited yoga!

To allow our new students to try multiple classes and instructors, we’ve added a new pricing options: $50 for 3 weeks of unlimited classes.

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Brian Hogencamp returns in September

Stay tuned for more details on Brian’s weekend workshop, Sept. 6th-8th!

Check out Yoga Vastu

Yoga Vastu is a new online yoga resource that brings world-class Iyengar yoga practice to your home. Whether you want to advance at your own pace, supplement your group classes or you simply want to build your confidence at home, Yoga Vastu offers materials that will perfectly fit your needs.

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